My Background

For me street photography as all about moments… those quickly passing moments, looking for them and recording them for others to see. It’s about the story. The drama. The people we meet and how their stories unfold around us at any given moment. They are fleeting, passing before us in the blink of an eye… and if we are lucky with the press of a button we capture them.

The Streets

I love walking the streets of the city and taking photographs of all the interesting people I come across. Some just pass my lens for a moment and then they’re gone – others I get a chance to spend some time with, listening to their stories and briefly seeing a part of their world through their eyes.


My camera is my passport to different worlds and cultures. It allows me to go places I would never dare go without it. Street Photography helps me step outside my world, outside what is comfortable and allows me the see things and meet others who I would otherwise never meet.