Photography - April 6, 2019


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Next Her Magic

I was waiting for the light to change when I heard a rattling sound and turned around to see him.  At first I thought it was a mask.  He was sitting there, jiggling a paper paper cup filled with coins to get the attention of those passing by.   The first thing you notice about him is his face.  The second is that he in a state of perpetual motion, turning his head from side to side to see what’s coming from each direction with his one good eye.  I walked over to him and started talking to him…  listening really.   He talked for twenty minutes telling me his story about how someone fired a shotgun at his face at point-blank range and what life has been like for him since that day.  When he finished his story I asked his permission to photograph him and he agreed.  What struck me most about him was the magnitude of his  tragedy and loss… yet never once did I hear the slightest hint of self-pity.  This is Jerry.

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